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    Photoshop 6 - Cannot open AVI files or fix codecs - help !


      I am running PS6 and want to open and edit AVI files. When I try to do that I get an error message saying "the video file cannot be opened" . This seems to apply to ALL avis - yet I can open and edit MP4, MMV etc. I installed Gspot to track whether it was a codec issue and when I try to open ANY file I get this error message : "Warning: DirectShow crashed while GSpot was attempting to obtain information about a codec.  This is usually due to damaged, misconfigured, conflicting, or poorly written codec drivers.  It is possible, perhaps even likely, that other media players will crash when they attempt to play this file as well, as most of them will also use DirectShow.  GSpot was able to intercept the crash, and has attempted to identify the codec or filter involved; uninstalling or reinstalling this codec or filter may solve the problem.  The codec was tentatively identified as:  C:\Windows\system32\imaadp32.acm Unknown video codec #11" I have NO idea where to go from here. I see a site to download the "imaadp32.acm"  codec but what about the "Unknown video codec #11". What the heck is that and what do I do about it. Any help would be appreciate, Cliff


      ps I should add that the avi files DO open and play in Bridge. I have the latest Quicktime. Everything is up to date and PS and the computer is otherwise working perfectly !