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    Displaying File Name for Photo and Video Clips in Premiere Elements 10


      I am using Premier Elements 10 on a Windows 7 Pro desktop computer to create

      a project consisting of 128 jpg photo and mp4 video clips.  Before creating

      the project I created a short file name for each clip describing its

      content.  I've added menu tags at locations which separate the project into

      discrete segments.  I've selected a disc menu which utilizes the menu tags I

      created.  I previewed the project and I'm satisfied that the DVD disc I

      intend to create will display everything I want except for one thing.  I

      have spent several hours trying to find out how to have each displayed clip

      include the file name (without extension) somewhere near the edge of each

      window as it is opened in the finished production.  I sure would appreciate

      some help with the steps needed to accomplish this.


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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          This can most easily be accomplished by adding a Title (maybe from a Lower-Thirds Title Template), above each Clip/Still Image.


          I would create one such Title, and manually add the "File Name" in the location desired. Then, place that on a higher Video Track, above the Clip/Still. Then, just use the Duplicate Title function, to create a new Title, with the Text and Style, per the first - edit the Text for each, as required.


          I know of no automated method to grab the Clip's/Still's File Name, and add that to a Title, as PrE does not support any scripting.


          Good luck,