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    PageMaker will not export to PDF



      This has been asked plently of times, but I am having a slightly different problem.


      It seems to be with fonts, so I went thorough these solutions, none fixed it.






      The problem is several I think. This usually works, but this time is is not. Nothing has changed. Windows XP service pack 3. Adobe PageMake 7 and acrobat Distiller 6.


      Error messages:

      %%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: execform; ErrorInfo: FormType --nostringval-- ]%%

      %%[ Warning: Times-Roman not found, using Font Substitution. Font cannot be embedded.]%%

      %%[ Warning: Helvetica not found, using Font Substitution. Font cannot be embedded.]%%


      I tried the export in PageMaker, print to adobe option, setup the printers, and creating a postscript file. All the other suggested things in the post above as well.


      In the distiller it list the distiller in settings under fonts it has the list of fonts which distiller uses. Font source Windows font. There is times new roman listed, but not exactly Times-Roman like listed. I tried addding it. Did not work.


      Pagemaker creates the postscript because distiller runs and eventually stops with those errors.


      Has anyone encountered this?

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          BigJohnD Level 3

          The usual way to isolate an error is to split the publication in half, and distill one half.  If it's OK, the fault is in the other half.  Continue the iteration until the offending page is found, and then search for the suspect item - check both images and fonts.


          My guide to correctly installing PM's Export… AdobePDF… on Windows is here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/488821?tstart=0 (which actually says there may be font problems with WinXP SP3).


          The only way forward though is to move to InDesign.  As PM is now so ancient and obsolete, the discounted copies of InDesign are no longer available to PM Licence holders.

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            silkphoenix Level 1

            I am not sure if my solution pertain to your problem or not, but it looks similiar.


            I have been having problems with getting the error message about fonts being not able to be embedded, etc. Today, I came across the following solution and it worked:


            Quit PageMaker completely. Go to the PROPERTIES of your Acrobat Distiller and open Printing Preferences, under Adobe PDF Settings, UNCHECK the box for "Do not send fonts to Distiller". Then restart PageMaker and open the document that have problem, try to print PDF to see if that works.