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    Mouse Events are slow

      Hello everyone,

      I'm currently working on an standard as3 (1024x768) app that is running inside a chromeless Air window to take advantage of the transparency.
      All my tests where done using windows XP professional and AIR 1.0 (the same problem existed in beta3).

      The issue I'm having is related with Mouse Events. Somehow the events take a lot of time to reach the swf file when the user clicks inside the transparent window.
      It's natural that the app runs slower inside a transparent window (the framerate drops) but I wasn't expecting the clicks to suffer from such delay (it takes sometimes 2-5sec).

      The app is very CPU intensive and the transparencies make it worse. Something inside the AIR framework is not dispatching the events properly.
      I say this because I tried using the virtualMouse class from senocular together with a socket to simulate the mouse clicks and that did the trick.

      In conclusion:
      Something in the AIR framework for windows XP is messing up the dispatch of the Mouse events when the app is under heavy cpu usage inside a chromeless window. I click on the window and it takes 1-2sec to receive the click event.
      However when I dispatch the MouseEvent.CLICK myself using the virtual mouse class the application immediately receives the event.

      I know this is a strange bug and not many people will have this problem, but I would like to know from someone with knowledge of the runtime why this could be happening.

      Thank you
      Tiago Bilou