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    VB Trying to Open Illustrator CS5 with Illustrator CS6 Trial Installed

    ThinkingThings Level 2

      Greetings Illustrator Scripting Gurus,


      Looks like the scripting forum has been pretty busy lately compared to just a year ago. Kudos to all who have been answering questions. I hope to get some time again soon to participate more than I have been able to lately.


      So I'm not sure if I nailed the topic correctly in my subject so please allow me to explain. I have written an application in Visual Basic that interects nicely with Illustrator CS5.1, or at least it did until I installed Illustrator CS6 Trial. I will move to that version at some time in the future, but for now I still need to use CS5.1. Previously (prior to CS6 Trial install) I just used  -- CreateObject("Illustrator.Application")  --  to create an instance of Illustrator. After I installed CS6 Trial, the current version CS6 kept launching. So I figured - easy enough - so my line now reads  --  CreateObject(My.Resources.CurrentVersionCS)  --  where My.Resources.CurrentVersionCS = "Illustrator.Application.CS5". But still CS6 continues to launch instead of CS5.


      I have given searching the forums a good "college try" to try to find the answer before porstiong but have come up empty. Could anyone lend some direction to this for me?


      Thank you very much in advance!