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    Unwanted folders


      I was creating links from my merged project to my existing project when I discovered that, somehow, a couple of folders had been created. These folders also contain sub-folders, but otherwise have no content. The "Delete" option is grayed out and therefore unavailable. I tried going into Microsoft Explorer to delete them, but when I open RoboHelp, they are re-created -- I get a message saying I should delete them in the Project tab, but, as I said, this doesn't seem possible.

      So: How to delete the buggers?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Lon

          The trick here is that the folders may be totally empty when you view them using Windows Explorer. But RoboHelp *THINKS* there is something inside them that is being used. So you will need to first determine what it is that RoboHelp thinks is inside. Unfortunately, if you just deleted them using Windows Explorer, RoboHelp will likely re-create them for you.

          Cheers... Rick