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    Unseen error message!

    Curt Pair Level 1

      I'm having a HUGE issue with AE CS6.  I get a box that pops up... and totally shuts me down in AE.  I can't see the info in the box, but apparently it IS asking me for a response of somekind...


      I'm guessing it's an error, or asking me how to handle something... but if I can't see the message in the box, I can't respond.  You can see the box in the image below... but you can't see the material/subject matter in the box....


      I have to go into Windows Task Manager, and close down AE.  Then I restart the program to keep working.  The box pops up about every 10 to 15 minutes of work... it's a complete pain! 


      Anyone with any ideas?  I'm hoping Todd or someone from Adobe will jump in here... I need some help.