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    Encoding of Chinese characters in RoboHTML


      I am importing a Chinese hhp help system (transformed from DITA into hhp) into RoboHTML 9.02, which in turn allows me to save a xpj project and then publish to a webhelp system.


      I am having trouble with garbage characters in the table of contents and index of the generated system, but not in the topics. In the RoboHTML workspace I have been able to manually move correct topic headings (Chinese characters) into their appropriate table of contents locations. Fairly time consuming, but it worked.


      I'm not sure that this can be done with the index however. The index links actually go where they need to go, but they are unintelligible visual cues. Currently, I am leaving the index out, but index is pretty important.


      Not sure where in the process this corruption is occurring. It appears that I am running into issues due to DBCS encoding of Chinese. The index is stored in an .hhk file once it is imported into RoboHTML. Looking at the hhk file, garbage characters do appear in each <item name> segment. Somewhere the character encoding is being converted to ascii??? As the hhk file is not created until the hhp set is imported into RoboHTML, this appears to be where the problem is occurring.


      Any ideas on what is going on. Are there some language settings that might solve this problem?