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    What happens if you change project file extentions from .htm to .html?


      I have a help project of 300 topics. Today, I received an email from the developer requesting that I change the file extention from .htm to .html. Here is their reason:


      "Our product uses Click Framework for server-client communication, so any request for a file with the extension "htm" is considered to be a request for the click service and not to be an ordinary request for an HTML file.


      If you don't know what Click Framework is, just think that the extension "htm" is reserved for some program and that it cannot be used for other purposes.


      If we send a request for hdds_admin_console.htm for example, the click servlet receives this request and tries to run a service associated with it, but since it is not associated with any service, it finally sends "Page Not Found" error to the client."


      If I change the extensions within RoboHelp and then output the WebHelp, will the extensions in the output be htm or html? Or, will I have to maually change those file extensions too?


      If I change the extenisons to html, are there other risks? Has anyone out there done this?


      Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you.