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    Why does InDesign CS6 stop recognizing .indd files?

    Magic Peach Unicorn

      I'm running CS6 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion with my user account set up with Active Directory and I continue to have the same error where InDesign stops being able to open .indd files. I've been having this error happen about every 2nd day for the past 3 weeks. A dialogue message pops up that says "InDesign cannot open CS 5.5 documents" then it won't open any files anymore until the computer is restarted. The program often crashes when I try to quit after getting this error.


      I say "stops opening indd files" because it's not an error that occurs with one individual file, and these are always files that I have opened, worked on and re-saved within a half hour of trying to reopen them. It seems to occur when I'm opening, printing and making PDFs from a large series of files (I work in a production studio and can work on up to 100 documents at once).


      The files have been built in CS6 (and not carried forward from a previous version), are located on my desktop as I work on them, with links stored on a local file server.


      Any ideas on how to fix this? I'd rather not have to nuke my whole user account to find out that the problem persists :/