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    Help with image map links to other topics please

    Alberti Level 1

      Using RH10, generating WebHelp.


      I've created a topic (call it Topic A) containing an image.  The image has an image map that opens Topic B in a new self-sizing pop-up window.


      Topic B in turn contains two links: one is in the form of a normal text hyperlink to Topic C; the other is in the form an image map to Topic C.


      In testing, I get the following result consistenly after generating WebHelp output locally.


      1. From Topic A, click the image hotspot to open a pop-up with Topic B. (All good)
      2. From the Topic B pop-up, click the text hyperlink to Topic C. Result: Topic C opens as expected in the main window, replacing the pop-up. (All good)
      3. Reopen the Topic B pop-up, and this time click the image hotspot. Result: The pop-up closes, but Topic A remains in the main window, and Topic C does not appear. (Not so good)



      Can anyone explain why the two links (text and image map) from the same window to the same topic should produce different results?


      I want both links to open Topic C in the main window.



      Mike in Oz