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    Muddled context sensitive help ids

    CSIfan Level 1
      Hi All

      I've done some quite major updates to a help project, including the creation of new context sensitive help Map Ids.

      When I generate the help I get two files, cshdat_webhelp.htm and cshdat_robohelp.htm. The cshdat_webhelp.htm contains the correct map ids, however cshdat_robohelp.htm is still picking up old IDs and some that look like random IDs, and this appears to be the file that is called from the top level file (projectname_rhc.htm) that the application calls. We can't get the app to work with the projectname_csh.htm, so we need to use the projectname_rhc.htm and cshdat_robohelp.htm files.

      The only map file used in the project is the BSSCDefault.h file, which only contains the correct IDs. I can't understand where it is picking up the old/incorrect map IDs from. Can anyone please help??

      Thanks in advance,