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    Swap Image behavior doesn't work when uploaded.


      Help. I'm a print guy trying to expand into web work and have run into a problem I can't figure out.


      I'm building a site in DW CS5.5. Tested thoroughly on my MAC, works perfectly in Safari, Chrome & Firefox. All the diagnostic checks in DW are clean. I have several product pages where I use the Swap Image behavior to show several views of the product, with a "fade in" effect as well. I used a large image with three thumbnails underneath for the buttons. (All images that need to swap are sized identically) Everything works perfect when it's at home.


      When uploaded to GoDaddy, the swap images don't swap. Finger appears on mouseover, no change in images on click. The Spry Assets folder is uploaded. The uploaded site is synchronized with the functioning site on my computer.

      My client bought the space on GoDaddy, and was offered a choice of a Linux host or a windows host. She chose Linux. Could this be the cause? Any other ideas what the problem could be?


      The site is far from finished, it has dummy copy and stock photos that will be replaced as the prototype products are developed . . . So I have some time to figure this out. But I want all the functionality working ASAP so I can change copy and photos as the products become available.

      Home page needs work too. Just sayin', so you all won't think I'm a really crappy designer.


      Site Address is essentialelements.biz