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    Package manager in CQ

    katrienj Level 1

      I have a question about the package manager in CQ. In the Adobe CQ documenation I read that to be able to upload/install packages you need to have access to etc/packages and the node where the package resides. But I cannot find any documentation about what permissions I need to actually install a package. E.g., say I have read & write access only to /content/website1, does that mean I can also upload packages that contain content for /content/website2 or would that be prohibited. Can anyone point me to some useful documentation on this subject. Many thanks!

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          katrienj Level 1

          I've just ran some tests and it looks like when dev 1 only has read-write access to website1 he/she can still install packages to website2. Isn't that very poor design of the package manager? Anyone else know how to restrict access/permissions for the package manager?

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            Jörg Hoh Adobe Employee



            If you install content via packages, you need to have access rights on the path you want to place the content to. So if dev1 wants to upload content to /content/site1, he needs to have write create and modify rights, to actually work with that in siteadmin read access is also required.


            In your case you should the access rights of the user in the useradmin console to validate what access rights "dev1" has on /content/website2.


            The access control is enforced on a repository level, and the pacakge manager cannot bypass this.

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              katrienj Level 1

              Thanks Jorg, in the meantime I've ran some more tests and you're write, the package manager cannot bypass the permissions set by the usergroups. That answers my question