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    Indesign CS6 not so kosher




      Please could somebody help - this is driving me nuts.


      I am Running Indesign CS6.0.1 on an Imac (3ghz - 4gb Ram - Intel Core 2 Duo) using Lion 10.7.3.


      I have designed a Catalogue for my company which is 85 pages. This is the first catalogue I have produced on CS6, but have been using Indesign for many many years with no problems.


      The problem I am facing is that when I try to print the Book of the catalogue, it spools the first 40 odd pages with no problem, but then seems to randomly get stuck on subsequent pages. Like I said the page it gets stuck on is random, sometimes page 47, sometimes page 55 etc. I have gone into linked files and edited and fixed anything that I thought might be causing problems, to no avail.


      I tried to convert to PDF, to then print via Acrobat. The same problem arises. Randomly gets stuck on pages.


      I have now tried to split print the catalogue, ie first half, then second half.  The first half (33 pages), has printed with no problem, but the second half is now stuck on page 60.


      In addition to this. on certain occasions, it will just crash. This to seems to be random, as I have been busy with the exct same actions.


      I have deleted preferences & saved data, updated to latest version. I have tried to print on another colleague's Mac Pro (he has 6gb Ram - same OS & indesign version), still with no change in result.


      Other than reisntalling lower verson of Indesign, and coverting all my documents, I am at my wits end on how to solve this problem.


      If anybody could help - I would greatly appreciate it.




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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          Please, let's not confuse InDesign with kashrut!!


          If I understand you correctly, the print problem occurs if you print directly from InDesign to a particular printer as well as if you export PDF from InDesign from the document in question and then try to print the resultant PDF file from Acrobat. Is that correct?


          If so, if you page through the resultant PDF file in Acrobat (or Reader), can you fully view the PDF file without any problems? What type of printer are you seeing this issue with? Specific model?


          Please avoid trying to reinstall software as a means of trying to “fix” these types of issues. It is extremely rare for such software reinstallation to solve anything although it may remove any nervous energy you might have.


          Assuming the issue is a print issue, would you be willing to share the PDF file with Adobe so that we may test with it and see what is going on?


                    - Dov

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Try exporting the file to IDML - and open that in InDesign - it should open as "Untitled"


            And attempt to print it again.



            But from what I understand is that something on a page is not allowing the file to print properly.


            You can print 1-33 and that's fine. But you can't print the rest?


            Try printing 44 - 60 and then 61 - 85


            Is it getting stuck on those?


            Keep splitting the document into halves and print each separately until you find the problematic page(s).

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              If the problem also occurs in printing out the exported PDF and the PDF displays perfectly fine in Acrobat, then it is unlikely an issue with InDesign or the document itself, but rather the complexity of the document's content and the foibles of the device receiving same. The exporting to IDML and importing back to INDD hack is probably totally irrelevant here.


              However, I would endorse the divide and conquer approach in terms of printing the PDF from Acrobat/Reader to isolate whatever content may be problematic for the printer.


                        - Dov

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                Duma11 Level 1

                Hi Dov,


                Thank you for your quick response - it is greatly appreciated.


                To clarify a little - The problem is occurring when I try to print directly to the Printer from Indesign. But I have been unable to complete the PDF export, as the same problem occurs when exporting, as when printing. I.e. The progress gets stalled on random pages. So I have been unable to try and print form Acrobat, or to even view the PDF document. (incomplete export).


                The Printer we are using is a Canon iR ADV C5051 Laser printer.


                I completely agree with you on need or lack there of, of re-installing.


                I have just tried to split print the Book in 3 sections. To test if there are any problems in any particular parts of the book / documents, and whittle down the problem areas. This has spooled through & printed with no problems.  Unfortunately this is not a practical way forward for me, when it comes time for me to print these catalogues out in bulk. (I print several hundred catalogues).


                Please see below for the Link to the PDF catalogue. Again I have had to export the Book in sections and then combine it in Acrobat.


                Link: http://updates.musgrave.co.za/Musgrave/COMBINED_CATALOGUE.pdf


                Thanks again for your timeous response.

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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee



                  Thanks for the pointer to the document and further explanation. I'm travelling on business right now, but will attempt to download it and look at the contents when I am home on Sunday. I might contact you directly to get further information and/or the source files for Adobe at that time.


                  I suspect that the overall document complexity may be forcing some system component to run out of resources and then terminate the export and/or print. That would explain how come you can print/export by parts and then recombine in Acrobat successfully.


                  More later. Your experience and documents may help us significantly.


                            - Dov

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                    Duma11 Level 1

                    Hi Eugene,


                    I have just tried printing in 3 sections and that has printed out perfectly.


                    Bu that is not really an acceptable solution, when it comes time for me to print the bulk of my catalogues - several hundred copies.


                    Seemingly there are no issues with linked Illustrator files, as they would not have printed when I split print the book.


                    Could it be a Printer Rip memory problem, or even insufficient RAM on my machine (4GB)?



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                      Duma11 Level 1

                      Hi Dov,


                      Thank you very much for your insight and recommendations.


                      What I find strange, is that the format and complexity of my catalogue is relatively unchanged for a couple of years now, and I have had no problems before.


                      Looking forward to your comments and advise.


                      Thanks & regards

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                        Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        As you say it's unchanged for a number of years.


                        Have you tried the IDML export route?


                        I ask this now as I believe the file is a few years old, and over time and multiple saves code can build up within files. Using the IDML route it should rebuild the file.


                        This may clear the issue.

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                          MW Design Level 5

                          It may come down to the image masks. There are 33 image masks greater than 1000 ppi, 3 between 600 and 1000. An example is page 4, bottom row. All three shirts have a grunge effect added to the base text. Those 3 image masks are above 1000 dpi in the PDF.


                          Further in the catalog, there are several examples that have two such masks applied to each design. Perhaps those are helping to overload the rip memory.


                          Take care, Mike

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                            Duma11 Level 1

                            Hi Eugene,


                            Sorry, to clarify, the way I work, my methodology, is unchanged for a number of years, but I always start catalogues from scratch. For your exact reason, that odd code builds up, or small glitches become compounded over multiple years.


                            If the Book is very complex, could insufficient RAM be a stumbling block. I have 4Gb, but I believe with Lion and now CS6 Suite, it might not be enough any more. I notice all new iMac's are being delivered with 8Gb as standard RAM now.


                            With regards to the IDML route, do I just export each document in the Book as IDML, then reopen and resave as *.indd, and then start fresh with a new Book document?


                            Thanks very much for your time and advice.

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                              Duma11 Level 1

                              Hi Mike,


                              Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated.


                              I understand where you are coming from and I will look into what you have mentioned.


                              What is frustrating is, that this is the same manner I have been working for years, and I have never had these problems before.


                              Thank you for your time and advise

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                                Michael Gianino Level 4

                                Grant, you might want to edit your posts to remove your phone number and email. You're sort-of asking for spam. Many people don't realize their smart phones might be posting personal info, so if that's what you're using, you might want to check your settings.

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                                  Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I wouldn't say it's a RAM issue. 4gb RAM is plenty.


                                  On this computer I have 3gb RAM (I know I tried to explain to IT but they know best right...)


                                  Anyway, I've far more complex documents than what you posted and don't have this issue.



                                  I'd look into the images and see if there's a way you can (copy them first) to simplify them by perhaps flattening them and relinking them to the document.





                                  Regards to the IDML - yes you would have to export each document as an IDML and open them - resave them - and create a new book and import all the documents again.