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    Cannot Edit a Form in Adobe Acrobat Pro Xi - use Livecycle

    dagardner105 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I was advised to buy Adobe Pro XI yesterday by the Direct Sales Adobe team because it includes "everything I need" to create and EDIT PDF forms.  I actually rang up to buy X but was told it was now XI.

      I tried to edit a form today and got this message:


      "this form cannot be edited in Acrobat. Please use Adobe Livecycle Designer to edit this form"


      I was told this was included in Pro but can't get past this message.  I previously had a trial of Adobe Pro X and WAS able to edit this very form.


      It is very frustrating.  I cannot edit anything I have been working on.

      FormsCentral seems too basic as I need to be able to edit the field name in the properties of the field.


      Can anyone help?