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    still stucked on initializing media core then…quick time is not installed…then dynamic link error…th


      hello everyone

      I'm on Mac Os 10.7.4 with a Mb Pro 2,5 Core i7

      I've been searching for 4 month now to install Ae CS6 & Premiere

      I tried to remove the QT components

      I switched off my internet and stopped my little snitch

      The CUDA was installed due to a migratin from my MacPro

      (CS6 run on it ok)

      I deleted it in the system pref pan with control delete

      I upgrade on 6,0,4

      I try many desinstall / reinstall

      useless…: (


      anybody has an idea ?


      thank you very  much for your help


      Nicolas (sorry for my french english)