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    VB Form Properties Output

      (RoboHelp X5/HTML Help output): I am doing major re-work on eight projects. In the past I have kept an Excel file for each project as a reference for Context Mappings. I have columns for Menu, Menu Item, Window (Title Bar/"Caption") Name (so I know how to get to the window in question when running the program), and then Help Context ID mapping number and the Topic Name columns. So I would fill in all the info and then give it the VB programmer to assign the Help Context property in each VB form. (Gee, I hope that makes sense...)

      So this time I want to start fresh, and thought I could ask my VB programmer for a report with just the form name (such as frmSelectAccount, for his reference), the Title Bar name (such as Select Account, so I know what window we're talking about), and the existing Help Context ID he has in there, if any. He searched around and said there's no good way to capture/export this information from VB, except to copy and paste the info from each form into Excel. (And this guy knows his stuff, but he's never been asked for anything like this.)

      So the question is, do your VB programmers provide this information to you (then how do they output it from VB?), or do you just do what I do, and provide it to them.

      (There are many new screens and it would be SOOO much easier for me if they provided a list to me to work with.)

      Thank you for any help/ideas.