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    Unable to open AVI files in Photoshop CS6


      Unable to open AVI files in Photoshop CS6

      I am running PS6 and want to open and edit AVI files. When I try to do that I get an error message saying "the video file cannot be opened" . This seems to apply to ALL avis - yet I can open and edit MP4, MMV etc. I installed Gspot to track whether it was a codec issue and when I try to open ANY file I get this error message : "Warning: DirectShow crashed while GSpot was attempting to obtain information about a codec.  This is usually due to damaged, misconfigured, conflicting, or poorly written codec drivers.  It is possible, perhaps even likely, that other media players will crash when they attempt to play this file as well, as most of them will also use DirectShow.  GSpot was able to intercept the crash, and has attempted to identify the codec or filter involved; uninstalling or reinstalling this codec or filter may solve the problem.  The codec was tentatively identified as:  C:\Windows\system32\imaadp32.acm Unknown video codec #11" I have NO idea where to go from here. I see a site to download the "imaadp32.acm"  codec but what about the "Unknown video codec #11". What the heck is that and what do I do about it. Any help would be appreciate, Cliff


      ps I should add that the avi files DO open and play in Bridge. I have the latest Quicktime. Everything is up to date and PS and the computer is otherwise working perfectly !

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Since they work in Bridge I would reset the preferences in PS.  Start PS and immediately hold down shift ctrl alt keys.  You should get a reset window if you are fast enough.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            DirectShow is the video acceleration component of DirectX/ Windows Media. If it causes crashes, it is very likely misconfigured. Nothing to do with the IMA CoDec per se, which is an audio CoDec, anyway. Things to check:


            • update your graphics driver and configure it properly
            • same for your audio hardware
            • verify Windows Media Player's hardware acceleration options
            • uninstall any crap like K-Lite
            • reinstall Windows Media Components and DirectX by downloading the web installers from Microsoft for this stuff.


            On Win 7 the last point should only be done as a last resort, as it has everything in place and has a different infrastructure for this stuff, so legacy WM and DX stuff should not be needed at all.



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              Cliff0108 Level 1

              Thanks Curt and 'Mylenium'

              I did re-set the prefs - but to no avail


              I checked and my graphics driver and audio is all up to date.

              No sure how to verify Windows Media Player's hardware acceleration options. I opened WMP Options /Perfformance tab and under Cd the DirX tab is checked.

              Running Windows Vista - so does the same caution apply regarding a re-install of Windows Media Components and DirectX ?


              Appreciate your help with this somewhat frustrating issue. I am converting some old 8mm film to avi with the hope of doing some edits then burning to DVD.