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    CS6 - ToC and exported links/bookmarks in PDF


      This worked the other day, but I'm not sure what happened since...


      Here's what I've done in my document today:

      1. I wanted the first page *number* to be on the left side of the spreads, not the right. I turned off the page shuffling options so this would happen. So now, page 4 (the page after the cover, copyright, and ToC) is numbered as page 1, as this is what begins the content section.


      2. Reordered/formatted my ToC to reflect these new page numbers. When I created the ToC, I made sure "Create PDF Bookmarks" was checked.


      3. Did "test" exports of my document into PDFs, so I could see the layouts. Included the "Bookmarks" option under the Interactive section.


      But when I export the document, the bookmarks/links created by the ToC in InDesign don't work... The hand appears as if there is a link there, but when I click it, it just stays on the ToC page.


      As the auto ToC option automatically creates bookmarks, this should work... I haven't changed anything regarding that. Can someone please shed some light into what is going on here?


      Thanks all :]