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    the After Effects NON working new cache....

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      One of the main reasons we purchased upgrades to all of our machines, and even new licenses for AE CS6 was the announcement of the new cache...  we purchases SSDs for the cache.... and the thing is really a big mess that rarely works fine....



      All of our machines are either HPZ800 or Z820 or MAC PRO, the same issues on all of the machines.


      Specifically talking about my personal machine, even when the problem is on all of the machines, I'm only going to concentrate ont his one, even when I'm pretty much sure no one from Adobe will ever read or accept the issue.


      My machine is a brand new:


      HP Z820 with 12 cores, 32 GB or RAM, a Solid State Drive of 500 GB (actually a SDD RAID) with read and write speeds of over 1000 MB/s

      A RAID 0 Serial SCSI of 6TB with tested speeds of about 700 MB/s read and write

      An external 96 TB RAID 5 connected over iSCSI with a 10 GigE card with tested speeds of about 900 MB/s

      a Quadro FX 5800

      Black Magic decklink card


      I have tested using each one of the drives as a cache drive, with the cache folder empty to start the test. Rendered to RAM a project moderately complicated in 1080P. 30 Seconds, about 2 seconds render per frame, no crazy plugins other than some levels, masks and color corrections and animated titles...  I can see how the RAM preview is saved to disc since the cache folder gets populated as soon as I finish rendering and stop the playback, about 10 GB are used for this 30 seconds Ad.


      Save the project, quit AE, restart AE, then the render is ignored and the blue line never shows up, but the cache is not deleted, it satys there.... render again to RAM, stoip... another 10 GB is saved..... again, after restart its not used....   what for is saved???  why is not deleted if is invalidated?


      second... in MANY occasions, the green line just vanishes after I stop playing. This happens, with and without having the Decklink card activated.


      we have 6 machines running AE, all with similar configurations, the caching doe NOT work on any of these machines.


      Reported to Adobe, not not avail, never an answer, never a bug ID, never someone contacting me to show they even care about the costumer after purchasing.


      Way to go Adobe!!!!