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    Email address validation




      We recently deployed a basic questionnaire being used by military personnel.  We turned on the "Submission Receipts" option so that respondents could receive a copy of their submission.  We have discovered that due to the elaborate format of some military email addresses (First.Middle.Last.role(civ, ctr, mil)@whatever.mil), the system was not allowing the results to be recorded because it deemed the email address invalid.  Can someone verify whether or not this is indeed an issue in the FormsCentral processing?



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          LCGI_MSP Level 1

          Bump for a response.

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            RandySwineford Adobe Employee

            We are looking into the issue. Sorry we didn't respond.


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              LCGI_MSP Level 1

              Thanks for looking into this.  As an update, I've also discovered that I can not invite collaborators who have "unusual" email addresses either.  In my particular case, I need to invite someone with a janedoe@blah.us email address.


              Any idea when these issues will be resolved?  I need certain individuals to have access to the results and was hoping to not have to export them every day.

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                plee1388 Adobe Employee



                Sorry for the late reply.  I would like to confirm with you that about the issue, so the data get submit but email isn’t sent?  Can you let us know the date of such submission and the email address involved?  Can you share us the form, or send us the form url.  This will  help resolve the issue for you.





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                  LCGI_MSP Level 1

                  Previously, we had the "Submissions  Receipts" option turned on and used an email address field.  We got reports that people with .mil email addresses were getting errors that the email address was invalid and subsequently the data did not seem to be captured.  So, we turned off the option and changed the "Email" field to a text field so that it didn't perform the validation check.  Since that field is now optional, it isn't a big issue but might be of some use in the future.


                  This morning I went to share access to the form to an employee who works for a company with a .us email address.  When I typed in her email address, the interface said it was an invalid email address.  I just tried again and this time it worked fine so if you fixed it, thanks for the quick turnaround.


                  If you require more detailed information or a link to the form, please email me directly.  Thanks!

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                    plee1388 Adobe Employee

                    Thanks for the reply.  It nice to know that you are able to share the form.   We would like to help you on the Submission Receipts issue.  My email is perrylee@adobe.com.  Please email me a form url, (this could be a test form), and email address that not get the submission email.  If you could also provide screen shots for the errors that would be very helpful. 

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