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    Media Cache - Audio Files


      Is there a standard where Premiere CS6 won't create peak files and cache files for my media? I'm having issues where it takes too long for Premiere to create the peak files and takes up too much space when caching files. I understand that Premiere likes 32 bit floating audio files. When I create files at this spec, it still wants to create peak files. Is this the norm?


      Currently I've been using Final Cut for years and in the transition of switching to Premiere CS6. I really like Premiere CS6 but running into the issue where it just takes too much time to process all my files. All files are the same: 720p Apple Pro Res PCM audio 16bit 48khz. The issue I run into is when I have lots of files that have up to 8 different audio channels, it just takes too long to process these clips and I have to wait in order to have all audio channels available. I would like to have proper audio files where it does not need to conform and create large cache files for my audio.


      For example, I have 5 clips, all around 1 hour a piece, all have 8 channels of audio. It takes about 20 minutes a piece to fully create peak files and cache files for each clip.  Not a big deal if I drop the important clip first and can start working on it several minutes after importing, but if I don't do this it becomes a pain where I have to wait.


      Hope this issue makes sense to people. Also for full info. Working on Mac OS 10.6.8 12 GB Ram Premiere CS 6.0.2