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    DW CS4 Producing long addresses, broken links


      I am trying to support our church secretary who uses Dreamweaver CS4. Yesterday, she tried to post an update to the site, referencing a single page which has links to mp3 audio files. The older, previous links are still working, but the new files that she tried to link to have long and broken address paths, and the path names look like her computer path names.


      For instance, the working links are like:


      <p align="center"><a href="Media/021212sermon.mp3">February 12 2012</a>


      While the ones she just tried to post are like:


      <p align="center"><a href="../../Application Data/Adobe/Dreamweaver CS4/en_US/Configuration/ServerConnections/church/public_html/Media/021912sermon.mp3">March 25 2012</a></p>


      I suspect that some setting has been changed, but I don't own Dreamweaver myself. Is there anything that I can have her check?


      From my research, this looks like something related to defining the local root/site folder, maybe.




      I did set up an FTP client and I could bring down and just edit and post the corrected HTML, but she would like to use Dreamweaver. The target mp3 files are all located in the same "Media" directory, so it's just the links are not properly translating from her computer to the website.





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          MurraySummers Level 8

          There are a few problems evident from this link:


          1. Media/02 1912sermon.mp3 - the filename contains a space.  While browsers have become much more tolerant of spaces in filenames, it's just a good practice to avoid them. Try replacing the space with a dash/hyphen.

          2. The content of the full link is very puzzling.  Perhaps we can begin to understand what has happened if she answers the following questions -


          * was she working from within a defined Dreamweaver site when she made this link?

          * what is the FULL path to the actual mp3 file as determined on her computer (starting from the drive name)

          * what is the full path to the defined local root folder of the site in question (as determined by editing the site definition in DW's Site Manager)?

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            ziggy_53 Level 1

            Thanks Murray. I'm meeting with her early tomorrow and I'll try to find these things out.



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              ziggy_53 Level 1

              Sadly, I did not get to check out the Dreamweaver setup today. The secretary had to run offense for the Pastor, who was offsite writing a eulogy for a funeral tomorrow. She also had tons of interruptions for the same death and funeral, so we didn't get much done.


              I did go ahead and patch the site's HTML code so at least the page looks OK now, and I set some new subdirectories on her machine so that, hopefully, we can create a more reasonable path for Dreamweaver to find resources/assets in the future.


              I also saved a snapshot of the site so, when we do get around to working on Dreamweaver again, I can set the site back to something that Dreamweaver will recongnize.


              I'll report back then what I find in the Dreamweaver setup.