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    Running Head Question


      I have Running Heads set up on my right hand pages in a book I'm working on that is based on the Chapter Title. The actual Chapter title has a number before it -- such as, "1. Chapter Name." My client wants the title to stay is it is on the page but doesn't want the number to appear before the title in the Running Head. My question then is there a way to suppress just the number from appearing in the Running Head? (I'm using CS6 if that helps)



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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          How you have defined the Chapter title paragraph style ? and written the number before it ?


          I would say you modify the "Chapter title" paragraph style a bit.

          Go to the "Chapter title" Paragraph style option windows and include the "Bullets and Numbering" in the style itself.


          This will show up the numbering listed in the document page but not in the Running header.



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            posterns Level 1

            I have a style set up for Chapter head but it is not set as a list -- number was entered manually (how I picked it up from Word). Also number appears on 1st line and title below (soft return after number). I guess I could set a numbered style as you suggest. How would I do this so that the title is on the line below the number?

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              Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

              In that case, Create a character style and apply it on all the numbers before the chapter title.

              As Character style override the paragraph style it will not be included in the Running header however formatting will be the same.


              Ex:- 1.

                      Chapter One


              on both you have applied "Chapter Title" paragraph style

              Keep the formatting same but apply a new character style on "1." and then check.

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                posterns Level 1

                Doesn't seem to work. Both have the Chapter title paragraph style and the number has a newly created character style, but header still shows number. The number does have a soft return after it. The other feature of the style I have is that its keep option is for "in next frame" as the chapter needs to start on a new page. So I had also tried putting a hard return after the number but if I do that am having trouble "keeping" the title with the number (made the # with start in next frame and made title text keep with line above (and start anywhere), but if I do that text from the page before the # creeps onto the page. So I can accomplish this manually, by applying the Chapter# paragraph style and then using the Paragraph dialog keep option to make the title text move up under the number, but can't seem to do it as one inclusive paragraph/character style combo.



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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I don't think my friend Manish has this quite correct.


                  First off. If the number is on a separate line, is it really part of the same paragraph? If it is that implies a forced line break, and you could conceivably change those to paragraph breaks and use a differnt style for the number paragraphs, which would eliminate the problem entirely, but that would take some fancy Find/Change manipulations.


                  To avoid all of that I would actually apply the character style to the text you want to appear, and do it as a nested style in your paragraph style defintion. Define the character style to do nothing -- we just need to apply a named style.


                  In the paragraph style defintion apply None Through 1 whatever is separating the number from the text -- forced line break, tab, em space..., then apply the new character style through 1 sentence. Define your running header variable to be Runnin Header (Character Style) rather than the Running Header (Paragraph Style) and have it pick up that new character style.


                  This is more complex than I think it should need to be. You can pick the [None] character style from the list when defining the variable, but in my testing doing so did not properly divide the paragraph, so I think you need the more complex arrangement above.


                  Also, it's very important that the character styles be applied as nested styles in the paragraph style. Applying them directly will cause the header text to be formatted with the character style as well, and you don't want that.

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                    posterns Level 1

                    Thanks Peter -- Interesting approach. Since the book only had 17 chapters, I actually went in and changed the soft returns to paragraph breaks. I then created a number paragraph style for the number and modified the Chapter title style to not be forced to the next page. The mistake I made the first time I did this was that the Chapter # style I created was based on the Chapter Title style. So the order in which I modified the change to my keep options was what was affecting my Chapter openings -- in other words if I modified the Chapter # style to force to next frame before I changed the Chapter Title style's keep option to "anywhere" then when I changed the Chapter Style to anywhere the Chapter # style followed suit (as a result of the based on style setting). Took me a bit to notice that but when I fixed it it seems to have worked.


                    I might try your style idea on a previously saved version just to test. Thanks for the suggestion.

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                      posterns Level 1

                      Also, did test the Nested Style idea and it also works. Thanks again.