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    Connecting to FTP with a static IP address



      Every time I try to connect to my server's static IP address in the export menu, it fails to connect. I've succeeded when connecting to a dynamic IP address, but it never works with the static. I am currenty connected to the FTP using an FTP client, so I know it is up and running. Any ideas?




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          Abhishek Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Please check the port number in ftp client and use same port number in premiere

          if you are using same port number then try to disable computer firewall

          and test again.

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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5

            Maybe I didn't understand you correctly. Are you saying that your server has a static IP address and you can't use it for ftp from Premiere Pro. But if you tell your server to use DHCP and you write down the address, then ftp works?


            Really? I am trying to wrap my head around that concept. You would think that the static IP address would be easier to work with. Unless you accidentally have two devices using that one static IP address.


            If I stated that problem correctly, please let me know. I would like to get to the bottom of this one.  Assuming that Abhishek has not already helped you.

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              josephs51576386 Level 3

              Okay I have a few questions, are you talking about using a WAN IP address or a LAN?  Because that sounds totally messed up, generally it's always the exact opposite. Because using a dynamic IP for FTP sites mean you constantly have to update DNS information. (If you're not connecting directly too the IP and bypassing a domain name)  Generally people either have a static IP for their WAN address or they have a dynamic they don't have the ability to use both whenever they chose (Unless they pay their ISP for this choice) So I'm assuming your just connecting via a FTP client except your doing so internally on a LAN network. Please let me know if I'm understanding correctly or not. The other reason I'm assuming your dealing with a internal setup is because you generally cannot log into your ISP provided stuff and switch between using dynamic or static without talking to your ISP unless you're paying for one static and then another spare dynamic address so you have a dedicated IP address which is used only for your FTP server (or use static for the server which preferred), which is actually a agreat idea for security purposes and also keeps your internet connection running correctly. 


              Anyways though please let me know if I'm assuming correctly or not, and let me know if your doing this on a LAN connection or dealing with WAN. If you let me know this I can possibly be of some help here. If you're not sure then tell me this, does the IP you're connecting too via FTP from inside your FTP client or Premiere Pro start with any of these digits?




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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                Good questions. I enjoyed the question that you asked about the private IP addresses, but I would have use 172.16 I just had a very strange argument at work about private IP addresses at work recently concerning the use of otherwise public IP addresses on a private network (MPLS). We allowed it but it is very strange.




                Can you tell us the settings you are using for your static IP address. Feel free to leave out the second and third octets if it is a public address for your privacy, like 4.x.x.2 instead of (a well known address I use to test access to the Internet).


                If it is private, meaning that it starts with one of the addresses shown in the post above, then supply the entire address. You want to make sure that the static address makes sense, that there are no duplicates on the LAN, and especially that the subnet mask is correct for the application.  When you use DHCP, these things are assigned. When you have a static address, you have to assign them yourself.