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    Can I populate a text field in one PDF with the modification date of a different file ?

    Nifty Styles

      Rather convoluted problem here but I'm trying to place a text field on a PDF document that serves as the main menu page for a library of interlinked PDF documents

      The complete library contains over 7,000 files and additions are added and documents changed almost daily.


      We currently use batch files to open the main menu from it's shortcut and this runs a check on a sync log file (.txt) to ascertain when the last time the user synchronised with the server to get the latest copy of the files.

      Between a certain time range they are told how long it has been since they sync'ed and are offered the option to sync before opening, after a prescribed timeframe they cannot enter without synchronising. We use Allways Sync to conduct the file synchronisation with our mother files on our server.


      What I'd like to do is take advantage of Allways Syncs automatic synchronisation options to synchronise on log on and at prescribed idle periods there after.

      This works fine but I'd like the text field on the main menu PDF to say when the last synchronisation took place - easy if the main menu is the last file modified .. just use info.modDate.

      However, the main menu is rarely modified therefore I wish to import the text to populate the text field from a different file.. either by interrogating the other files modifictaion data (though I doubt Acrobat can do this) or by simply importing some text stored in another file (a .txt file?) which has previously been created by batch file commands.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.




      Nifty Styles


      (Norfolk, England)




      P.S.  I'm using Acrobat 8.3.1. Professional on Windows XP (SP3).