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    Premiere sends EDL with 'invalid timecode format string'


      Following the suggestions in this thread, I am attempting to send an EDL of a Premiere sequence to Speedgrade.


      When I attempt to import the EDL into Speedgrade I get this error message:


      Screen Shot 2012-10-18 at 2.38.06 PM.png


      In point timecode is invalid. Invalid timecode format string(hours): '23813+20'

      in edit 1

      File: 001 LR001 V C 2813+20 23815+17 0:00 1+37

      Line: 2


      I've worked very rarely with EDLs but have read the Speedgrade and Premiere guides. I must be missing something but can't tell what.  Here's the details from my project:


      I'm editing in 24fps. The video files are generated in After Effects from DPX files. The timecode is based on the DPX file names, with the hour matching the Lab Roll number (so 11:00:00 for Roll 11)


      I export an EDL in CMX3600 format. I've tried both default settings and without audio. Same results. I even get the same result if I make a sequence from a single clip and try exporting that EDL.

      I don't think this is a Speedgrade issue, because if I try re-importing the EDL into Premiere, it seems like all the clips are only one frame long.


      Any suggestions about what I might be doing incorrectly would be greatly appreciated.