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    Win XP ID5.5 export to epub crash in hyperlinks.rpln any way to trace?


      Any way to pin this down to the problem link? I've converted any link with an & or # into a tinyurl, and still get a failure when exporting to epub. ##update## I also tried exporting to html and got the identical error - same mod & offset. I would be happy if I could just turn off any url conversion and get an epub where I could edit it manually. ##


      By cutting my 300 page book (1 document) down by half for each test, I got to a 6 page doc that still failed. At that point 1 link had a & - I deleted that link and export worked. I changed the & to X and export failed even though  link was invalid. I replaced with tinyurl, and export worked. However, when I go back and change original doc so it has no urls with & or # I still get the same failure. There must be a faster way of finding the problem than my way of dividing the doc. That takes hours to find a single error (It takes me about 5 min to recycle ID after crash). This is the Dr. Watson log of one crash:


      In July 2010, Liz Castro mentioned in her blog a script: OEBExportMenuItemLoader.jsx file, which is in the startup scripts folder


      In my 5.5, I don't have that script, I have something that is similar, but I know very little about scripts, i.e. can change false statement to true, but don't know how to run it or find output:

      Tried to insert image, but got black square, so will type it out:


      Adobe Indesign CS5.5>

      Scripts>converturltohyperlink>startup scripts>ConvertURLToHyperlinkMenuItemLoader.jsx


      I've continued to test various cases of hyperlinks to find failing links:


      1 works note that there is a #:


      2 works note that there is a #:


      3 works note that there is a #:


      4 works: www.360cities.net

      5 works: 360cities.net

      6 works:  www.360cities.net/image/punta-arenas-chile-mirador

      7 works:  360cities.net/image/punta-arenas-chile-mirador

      8 works xxx 360-degree view from the Puenta Arenas mirador: 360cities.net/image/punta-arenas-chile-mirador

      9 works xxx 360-degree view from the Puenta Arenas mirador: 360cities.net/image/punta-arenas-chile-mirador - a dup of 8 just to see if number of entries is a factor.

      10 fails xxx 360-degree view from the Puenta Arenas mirador



      In the above list why does 6 work and 10 fail?


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