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    Creating a popup menu in Acrobat X


      Thank you in advance for any advice on this...


      I'm creating an interactive PDF in InDesign 5.5 and export it as such, then open in Acrobat Pro and follow the Lynda.com tutorial on creating a popup navigation button. No errors when inputing the Javascript. Go to test the button and it simply doesn't work.

      I've tried saving and reopening document, using the hand tool, the cursor tool, I've tried doing the button on Mouse Up, Mouse Down, Mouse Enter. I've tried making the button a color instead of invisible. I'm pulling my hair out and can't seem to find a single thing on the internet addressing this. It works fine in the tutorial. It works on the PDF examples I've found on the web.


      Please help! ( :


      Here's the code: (though I don't get any errors on this)


      // pops up a menu for going to other pages

      var cChoice = app.popUpMenuEx


      {cName: "HOME", cReturn: "1"},

      {cName: "COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE", cReturn: "2"},

      {cName: "INSTRUMENTS BY VOLUME", cReturn: "3"},

      {cName: "SYSTEM OVERVIEW", cReturn: "5"},

      {cName: "COMPACT FOOTPRINT", cReturn: "6"},

      {cName: "HIGH CAPACITY CARTRIDGE", cReturn: "7"},

      {cName: "BUFFER REPLACEMENT", cReturn: "8"},

      {cName: "ONBOARD QC TRACKING", cReturn: "9"},

      {cName: "INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE", cReturn: "10"},

      {cName: "AUTOMATED RESULT REVIEW", cReturn: "13"},



      {cName: "Last page" },

      {cName: "-"},  

      {cName: "Print this document", cReturn: "qp"}


      if(!isNaN(parseInt(cChoice))) this.pageNum =parseInt(cChoice) - 1;

      else if(cChoice=="Last page")

      this.pageNum = this.numPages - 1;

      if(cChoice != "qp" && cChoice != null)  




      else if(cChoice != null)  




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          In what way, exactly, isn't it working? Do you see the pop up menu at all?

          Did you make sure that JS is enabled in your Acrobat?


          I've ran the code and it seems to work fine for me. However, I don't quite

          get what it's supposed to do.

          Is it supposed to take the user to a specific page, or to a named

          destination? It seems like it's trying to do both, which doesn't make much