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    Approach to Custom Components

      I am and ActionScript guy but I work primarily in Flash.

      I have some Flash MovieClips + custom logic that I would like to turn into Flex Components. My question is:

      I have a Video Scruber that I use over and over in my Flash projects. I consists entirely of MovieClip instances (there are 8 of them total) and Im not sure how to go about converting them into Flex acceptable ActionScript.

      For example, I have a single MovieClip thats acts as a button for play/pausing an FLV file. The MovieClip has two states "Play" and "Pause" and I use gotoAndStop(STATE) to control it. What is the equivalent to something like this in a Flex component? Can I create MovieClip instances in Flex? Do I need to turn this simple toggle button into it's own Flex Component and then add it to the larger VideoScrubber component?

      I also have a 2 MovieClips that are used to display download and playback progress... what type would I make them in order to maintain that functionality? They use a gradient with a customizeable background colour.. is there a class in the mx libraries that will allow me to do this?

      I also thought about just pointing my Flex classpath to the Flash libraries.. is that possible?

      Any ideas are appreciated. Im really struggling with this ActionScript 3 isn't always ActionScript 3 idea.