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    AdobeID and changing email address

    EveS Level 1

      Hi *,


      recently I bought an eReader from Sony, created an AdobeID using an email address I currently use. Furthermore, I also authorized the eReader and the laptop.


      Now let's say I want to change the email address I used to create the AdobeID, let's say from firsttimeuser@company.com to betterone@firstname.net . This can easily be done if you sign in to the Adobe website (My Adobe-ID) .


      I suppose there will be no problem with the laptop and the eReader. "Just" deauthorize and authorize them and they will now show the new email address. But, what happens to the already purchased books that are DRM protected? And what is an AdobeID anyway?

      If it is just an email address once that one changes then no previous DRM protected material can be read. If that is the case how does Adobe and those content providers relying on an AdobeID handle cases where the customer changes or has to change his email address ?


      Any thoughts ?




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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          This question comes up in one form or another at least once a month.


          The answer is somewhat technical.  Your Adobe ID is embedded in your copy

          of Digital Editions when you download and activate the product.  Digital

          Editions uses the ID when it builds keys for ebooks that you download, so

          each ebook is identified to the particular Adobe ID in Digital Editions at

          the time of the download.  Now, let's add the DRM overlay: the rules for

          DRM-protected material require that the user (you) are identified to the

          material specifically (via Digital Editions and its assignment of a key to

          the ebook.  Same thing as non-DRM ebooks.


          The implications are as you've outlined.  You'll be able to read ebooks

          that you downloaded under the Adobe ID that's active at the time you try to

          read them.  If it doesn't match with your ebook's key, you won't be able to

          read it.


          Most of us use our email address as our Adobe ID, but you didn't have to do

          that.  You could have made up an independent string and used it.  But Adobe

          has provided methods for someone who has to change or just changes their

          email address if it's their Adobe ID.  You go through the 'deauthorize'

          process and re-authorize under the Adobe ID you wish to use at the time.

          The ebooks you'll be able to see and access were downloaded under that

          Adobe ID.  The others won't show up.


          AFAIK, there is no 'conversion' capability to take ebooks downloaded under

          one ID and change their key to reflect the new ID.



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            EveS Level 1

            Thank you. I seem to understand things a bit better now.


            You wrote that I did not have to use my email address as my Adobe ID. When I created one on Adobes webpage I was not given this option. I had to use my email address so I am wondering where Adobe hides that and where I can change it. This would have been my preferred method since I cannot be sure I am going to have or use the email address I used when I signed up.


            Looking at ADE's "Computer Authorization" window it tells me that my computer is authorized to the following account  "firsttimeuser@company.com | AdobeID (urn:uuid:78cbe188-bbz3-..." .

            To me this suggests that the AdobeID consists of that cryptic string and that there is an email address mapped to it. Somehow I have the feeling that it should be possible to change the email address part without changing the urn:uuid part.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              Adobe does appear to tell you to use your email address for your Adobe ID.

              But, in certain places, such as your sign-in screen, they say 'usually your

              email address' when they mention your user ID.  I would like them to be

              more direct and tell you that you don't HAVE to use your email address.  I

              used my email address because I had not figured this out yet when I started

              with ADE.


              I'm not an Adobe employee, but I've been in the IT world for over 4

              decades.  You're right about the ID.  The information displayed in the

              Computer Authorization is in two parts.  The first one is the 'plain'

              version of your user ID.  The second one is a display that represents the

              way the computer stores that same information.  The second one is embedded

              in your ebooks' XML file, identifying the ebook to ADE.  It would be an

              exceptional challenge for programmers to go change that information - and

              they would have some legal hurdles to address when it comes to DRM