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    AdobeID and changing email address


      Hi *,


      recently I bought an eReader from Sony, created an AdobeID using an email address I currently use. Furthermore, I also authorized the eReader and the laptop.


      Now let's say I want to change the email address I used to create the AdobeID, let's say from firsttimeuser@company.com to betterone@firstname.net . This can easily be done if you sign in to the Adobe website (My Adobe-ID) .


      I suppose there will be no problem with the laptop and the eReader. "Just" deauthorize and authorize them and they will now show the new email address. But, what happens to the already purchased books that are DRM protected? And what is an AdobeID anyway?

      If it is just an email address once that one changes then no previous DRM protected material can be read. If that is the case how does Adobe and those content providers relying on an AdobeID handle cases where the customer changes or has to change his email address ?


      Any thoughts ?