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    Free Transform breaks Motion Tweens


      Sigh! Normally I try to solve problems myself... but Google isn't giving me anything about this so maybe I'm the only one in the world experiencing this particular issue.


      I've used Flash for making games for years now, and I got used to using the old motion tweens for making looping animations for characters. I made the leap from AS2 to AS3 a while ago, and felt like I should try to use these new motion tweens as well since I got CS5...


      I've found them completely unusable, however, due to a bizarre problem that happens when moving around objects using the Free Transform tool.

      For a single character, I'll have a MovieClip with several layers, each with a 'body part' MovieClip on it, then I add the new blue-type motion tweens to all of those layers. At the end of those tweens, I use F6 to (hopefully) duplicate the starting pose; it is meant to loop, after all. Then I'll go about half way between these two keyframes and move bits around to create the A->B->A sort of 'idle' or 'breathing' animation.


      The Free Transform seems dodgy though. If I select all the 'limbs' of a character at once and try to rotate them as a group, it works, but they each end up displaced a bit when I release the mouse; they get offset slightly or rotate a bit in seemingly random directions.

      For example, compare these two images (it's easiest if they're opened in separate tabs, I suppose): http://scraps.fighunter.com/sparkpupagh1.png and http://scraps.fighunter.com/sparkpupagh2.png

      The first one is after rotating it but before I released the mouse button, the second is what the pieces ended up like after I released the button. Most of the pieces ended up where they should be, but the head was offset slightly. This is a mild case; it's usually worse and affects all the pieces, and the slight offsets and rotations build up, too.

      This in itself wouldn't be too bad - though it's frustratingly inaccurate - but it gets much, much worse the more I work on a single animation.

      (Note: These strange changes don't happen if I rotate all the parts as a group if they're not also contained within new motion tweens...)


      Here's a screenshot showing a frame mid-way through an animation, with one of the parts selected: http://scraps.fighunter.com/meepagh1.png

      The Motion Editor is shown, though I don't use that directly.

      With that feather bit selected, I then rotated it a tiny, tiny amount, but didn't *move* it at all. When I released the mouse, it ended up snapping suddenly to here: http://scraps.fighunter.com/meepagh2.png

      That'd be frustrating in itself, but as you can see from the Motion Editor, it's also messed up most of the other frames in the animation, somehow. This becomes unbearable, as you can likely imagine!


      If I edit the graph in the Motion Editor directly to alter the Z value and cause a rotation, it works, without problems... but this is horribly inefficient and unintuitive and not a solution. I can't animate by tweaking numbers. It's like trying to draw a portrait using an Etch-A-Sketch!

      It seems to only be the Free Transform tool that creates this bizarre problem.


      This has been happening since I got CS5 maybe a year or two ago, though I haven't actually had to use the animation tools much until a few days ago so that's why I'm bringing it up now. I've restarted Flash, my computer, etc, etc, many times; I also got the trial version of CS6 today to see if THAT would fix it, but the exact same thing happens in that version too.


      I'm wondering whether it's my computer's fault in some way... I don't know enough about hardware and 'specs' and that sort of stuff to describe anything about it, but I'm using Windows Vista and the computer is fairly old and not exactly what I'd call reliable. I'm planning to get a new one soon, so it'd be nice if that fixed this problem... but frustrating if it doesn't.


      I'll link to the CS6-flavoured .fla that those screenshots are from: http://scraps.fighunter.com/Meep.fla

      I'd very much appreciate it if someone could test this to see if it's happening to only me! If I go to frame 146 (to choose one at random), and try to rotate the foot, slightly, using the Free Transform tool, it breaks in the way that I've described. (Oddly, the head feather rotates without issues on that frame...) If you were to try to do this same thing and it *doesn't* break, it might be a good sign that it's my computer's fault!

      If it *does* break though... then I'd very much appreciate any help I can get from someone who understands the new motion tweens better than I do!


      It'd be a shame to have to go back to Classic Tweens because of this...