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    memory save framework need




      I will build flex application with huge number screens. I know viewstack, state and popupManger are different ways to manage screens.


      The application have many, many screens so I need find a good way to manage all the screens. I need the application take  small

      memory without memory leak. only current screen load into memory and previous screens are take out from memory


      Do you know some framework for the purpose.


      Please give me a idea for this.


      Thanks a lot



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Try modules or sub-applications.

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            komal harkut Level 1

            You can go for this approach also.It is bit lengthy but will surely reduce your memory utilization.

            Create components for different screens. Use single container component. Just before adding a required screen into container, remove other elements from container. This way you will have only one screen at a time in the container. You can manage your screens by assigning htem unique identity.

            Hope it helps you.!/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif|_mce_src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif|___jive _emoticon_name=happy|jivemacro=emoticon|class=jive_macro jive_emote|src=/4.5.6/images/emoticons/happy.gif!