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    Possible to sync multiple files and output the merged clips?

    Tayedrummer Level 1

      I'm working on a documentary project and have hundreds of individual clips from multiple Canon C-300 cameras and a multi-track master audio recording from a SoundDevices 744.  Since this is a documentary the cameras aren't slating every take, instead they all have Lockit boxes generating timecode that is slaved to the master clock on the 744.


      What I need to do it sync the pictures and the sound and output the sync'd files for screening and editorial.  ScratchLab is not sync'ing the material properly but bringing a clip into Premiere is locked up without a problem.


      Is there a way to sync the audio/video and output individual sync'd files using the tools in the CS6 suite?  Please keep in mind that there are hundreds of individual clips so the process would have to be automated.