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    AdobeFnt13.lst files

    Davis_XI Level 1

      Everytime we package a ID file we now get a AdobeFnt13.lst file instead of a complete set of fonts. At first we were using iShowFiles to open the hidden files but now i'm not even getting that?


      Many thanks

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Adobe font list files contain a lists of fonts available to Adobe applications. If these files don't all list the same information, fonts may not appear in Adobe application menus.

          When you create the package from the InDesign File then do you fonts in the Fonts folder or just this lst file ?

          Is this same happen with the new file when you use the same fonts?


          What is the version of the InDesign and OS ?

          Also what font have you used in the file whisch are not showing up?

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            Davis_XI Level 1



            We end up with a folder called 'Document fonts' and within that we have a 'AdobeFnt13.lst' and a 'HelveticaNeue.dfont'.


            We have tried it on a machine running Mountain Lion and a previous version both with the same result. We are running CS5.5 and we are also using a font server across a network to activate fonts.



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Davis_XI wrote:




              We end up with a folder called 'Document fonts' and within that we have a 'AdobeFnt13.lst' and a 'HelveticaNeue.dfont'.

              It's normal and necessary for the .lst file to appear in the package. Are ther other fonts that are not being packaged that should be included? Seems to me we've seen other reports of that that are tied to fontmanagers.

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                Bo LeBeau Level 4

                You mentioned: We end up with a folder called 'Document fonts' and within that we have a 'AdobeFnt13.lst' and a 'HelveticaNeue.dfont'.


                Dfonts are only available on and only work on the Mac. They won't work on Windows (without jumping through hoops using some font conversion software)


                Since you are packaging your InDesign files to send to others, you should avoid using dfonts.


                You should alert your staff to not use use dfonts.

                Use OTF (Open Type Fonts) instead or at least use Windows TTF (TrueType Fonts) for maximum compatibility with users on both platforms.