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    After Effects CS6 Importing Video error


      We have been experiencing problems with Adobe After Effects CS6 when importing video files. The files I've used for testing are .mov format.


      When you import a video you get thiss error:


      Error message.jpg


      Then you get the message 'input violation error has occurred'  and the program forces closes



      At first I thought it was a profile issue as it was only effecting certain users but this appers to be intermittent across all our iMacs. I've deleted all the local profiles to be sure this wasn't causing the problem.

      It seems to work ok as admin so I gave the students the same permission but this didn't fix the issue. Sometimes it does work but then you go to import another video into the same project it doesn't allow you and the same error appears.


      I've installed both update 11.01 and 11.02 that didn't help either.


      I have a feeling it might be something to do with codecs.


      Anyone shed any light on this ?