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    How can one deactivate adobe community help for indesign?


      Hello everyone.


      It seems that everytime I touch a wrong key on the keyboard or do an action Indesign judge not conform, Indesign opens the Adobe Community help software. This takes me away from my ongoing work, bring me to a new window and makes the computer relatively slow for all the time it is loading. It is rather annoying and I tried to deactivate it but never found where and how.


      Does anyone here knwos where to deactivate adobe comnunity help. I cannot stad to have this application open each time I wrong click or miss pres a key like delete/end/page down/etc. on my keyboard. It is absolutely counter productive.


      Thank you for you help.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Never heard of this before ....


          Are you using the Wireless keyboard ? What is your OS ?

          Do you get the same problem when working in Selective start up on Windows and Safe boot on Mac ?


          I don't think there is a way to turn off the help option in any application , it is in-built , however you can switch the Accesbility mode from Community help application  to Browser 

          Also can restrict the application to look for local help (fownloaded) rather then looking it online.


          This is can be down via Adobe Help community help application preferences.