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    jefflemon Level 1

      I want text to appear when the same image from the array in my repeater is clicked, the text is also in the repeater, how do I reference the repeated text so I can make it visible?

      <mx:Repeater id="mapRepeater" dataProvider="{mapPass}">
      <mx:Text x="{(75*(mapRepeater.currentIndex))}" y="219" text="{mapRepeater.currentItem.location_name}" id="ydddsyssy"/>

      <mx:Image name= "{(10*(mapRepeater.currentIndex))}" source="images/pointer.png" x="{mapRepeater.currentItem.tag_x}" y="{mapRepeater.currentItem.tag_y}" creationCompleteEffect="{markerZoom}" click = "bubble(event)" />

      <mx:Text x="50" y="50" text="{maptagsRepeater.currentItem.location_name}" color="#454545" fontSize="12" fontStyle="italic" visible="false"/>