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    CS5.1 VBScript .export method creates JPEG file with an invalid marker type


      I have a vb script that opens a JPEG, creates a working document copy, resizes, etc. then uses the export method to export the image to a JPEG file.


      If I then try to open the exported JPEG in PS, I get the error "Could not complete your request because an unknown or invalid JPEG marker type is found."


      Here's a sample of the code..very simple:


      Set docRef = appRef.Open("originalfile.jpg")

      Set wrkDoc = docRef.duplicate("original_copy.jpg")

      with wrkdoc

           .resizeimage 500, , 72, 6

           .resizecanvas 600, wrkDoc.Height + 10, 5

           .export "newfile.jpg", 2

           .close 2

      end with



      Is there another step I need to take?