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    Banding in Photoshop, but not Illustrator


      Hi, I have a problem with colour banding in Photoshop CS6 while zoomed out, even though I am working in 16 bit.


      Here is a crop of the same area of a .psd while open in Photoshop CS6 (left) and in Illustrator CS5 (right).




      The banding is quite apparent in PS while not present in Illustrator. At 100% zoom there is little banding in PS, and converting to 8 bit makes it look markedly worse. However at 25% zoom (which these crops were taken at) converting to 8 bit makes no visible difference, making me think that Photoshop's zoom is working at 8 bit for some reason.


      Since the image looks fine in Illustrator I'm pretty sure it's not a problem with my display, or graphics card/driver. I've tried changing the colour profile (currently set to Adobe RGB) in Photoshop without effect. I've also tried changing the 'Graphics Processor' level in Photoshop, including disabling it entirely, as well as reducing the cache level to '1' without effect either.


      I'm not sure if there's some setting I'm missing or it's a known issue but it's making it hard to work on an image where I know I'm not seeing what it actually looks like. Any advice appreciated.




      I'm not quite sure why Illustrator is able to handle the image so nicely at all zoom levels while Photoshop introduces all this banding.