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    Playback gives black screen after a few times




      This is my problem. I just installed Adobe Premiere CS6. After trying it a few hours the program has allready frozen a dozen times and unexpectedly quit a few times. Is there some major bugs in the CS6? (One of the recurring problems is the playbutton in the playback window to stop responding. Nothing happens when I click it) Also, I can't find the adobe upater anywhere on my computer, but once in a while it opens atuomatically so it has to be here somwhere. Where is this program located and how can I manually check for updates?


      But, the biggest problem is this: when I add a clip to the timeline it first plays back just fine. But then, after adding another clip to the timeline, or a few minutes later, it suddenly doesn't playback anymore. It plays the sound, but the window is just black. The only way I've been able to get the picture back is by restarting the entire program.


      I'm very new to Premiere Pro, has up until now only worked with InDesign and Photoshop so it might just be something I'm not understanding how to do but it seems like very strange behaviour to me.


      I work on an iMac with OS X 10.7.5

      Adobe Premiere (6.0.0 (319 (MC: 264587))


      Help would be much appreciated!