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    CS4 wont open - error specified module could not be found


      I have run CS4 on my windows Vista pc for years without a problem.  Yesterday I downloaded DNG converter 7.2 as I have purchased a Fuji Xpro and needed to be able to process the Raw files - my version of ACR is not compatible.  Today I tried to look at an old image processed from a year ago in CS4 and got the error message:


      "The specified module could not be found C:\programfiles\commonfiles\Adobe\AdobeVersionCueCS4\Client\4.0.1\VersionCue.DLL"


      I have tried to open many different images from Bridge into photoshop and from the photoshop file menu - photoshop opens with the image, then this error comes up, I click ok and photoshop closes.


      I saw this happened to someone else on here and a staff member recommended doing updates - I have done that twice and I still get the same error.  Can anyone help please.


      Many thanks