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    Need Help with Motion Tracking


      As I have mentioned in the past I am an extreme novice and for the most part self taught with no training whatsoever with the exception of the help given to me by far more knowledgable people so I am hoping you will forgive the simplistic problem.

      I have a greenscreened image of Wonderwoman standing by a chair. she is riddled with laser beams and after deflecting them she grows tired.

      While filming I had the camera locked on a tripod and everything was fine except that with the actress jumping around she caused the floor to move.

      After greenscreening I put the background in. Its a still picture of a torte chamber.

      I noticed then that the greenscreened section would jump around where the background image would stay still....Obviously this ruins the efeect


      I thought that if I used track motion i could solve the problem. this is what I did.


      1) I double clicked on the greenscreen section with wonderwoman.

      2) I then chose track motion (position only. not rotation or scale) and set the cross hairs to a high contrast area.

      3) I pressed the analyze button and it went ahead and did its thing.

      4) When finished I went back to the original comp and created a null object.

      5) I went back to the other timeline i ran the track motion on and hit edit target and set it for the null object.

      6) I then hit apply.

      7) I then went back and chose the background and parented it to the null object


      final result?

      It still moves around.


      What did I do wrong and how can I get it to do its thing?



      Thank you in advance./ I hope I was detailed enough.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're using CS6, then you should only have position keyframes added to the null. The null should be stuck exactly to the track points. If that is the case, then the background should stick exactly to the null and should match the camera movement.


          None of this advice applies if your track isn't a background object or if your track points don't exactly stick to the background. A screenshot would help us a lot here. There are many ways to foul up tracking. 

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            You might also think about applying Warp Stabilizer.  It shouldn't be a big problem at all for it.  But do look at the training materials from Adobe before you try to use it: they REALLY help.  You should find helpful links on AE's OnlineHelp, then sure the search term Warp Stabilizer.