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    Linking Video By Searching for Length


      I run Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5 and just got CS6 as well on Windows 7.   I have a project we're re-cutting and the original editor changed all the file names on the disk, so that the XML I have imported references files that I have, but that are differently named.  I got to thinking that each of the original video clips has a more or less unique time length signature  (03:43:04:20 for example).   I figured out how to use Windows 7 search and ad a video length column to the results, but it doesn't show # of frames, which helps make the target file more or less unique in a typical project.    ,


      Is there a Bridge solution for this or a third party program that re-links by play length?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Just clarify


          Are you able to edit ( are the files linked to the edit project despite being renamed)... or are you trying to get them to link.



          Maybe of help to you somehow...When I edit I use files that are differently named from the files we use to CC/grade and conform (in another facility).  We use EDLS.


          Always amazing to me...the conform process does not use the filename but looks for the timecodes.


          Note: the TCs are identical across the clips.



          Thought: do you have original timecodes on source clips ?

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            foxetown Level 1

            This may make it more clear.  We stored copies of the original footage with identical names, on four different 1 TB drives.   The lead editor took his drive and renamed the files according to a scene - take - camera scheme.    He no longer has the source footage drive.   We're re-cutting, using one of the other original footage drives, and we're linking the editor's timeline using the right click "link media" option.   It would be handy to search by the length of the media, but the Windows 7 search facility only lists minutes and seconds, not minutes, seconds, frames.   If it were the latter, each source clip would be completely unique in most cases.

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              ExactImage Level 3

              Bring the clips in to a new project, sort by length, do a screen dump of the project window showing the new name and the length to reference as you go through your clips and match them that way.

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                foxetown Level 1

                ExactImage, that's kinda where I was going, but I was hoping Bridge or a 3rd party had made it a little easier.  You mention screen dumps of the project window, but is there an excel export of the project window information.   After years on Windows, I still haven't ever figured out how to do a printout of the search results.  (I guess I've never had to..)

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                  foxetown Level 1

                  Just wondering:  when you have a file in the project manager that is offline and it retains the duration information from its original import (say 00:03:04:15), but when you go out to Windows 7 and search for *.MOV files, the metadata doesn't include the duratoin of the clip.   I don't even see it in CS 6 Bridge.   Is this a calculated value, set when you import it into a Premiere project?