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    JPEG with hyperlinks?

    BettyandVeronica Level 1

      How do I create a JPEG from InDesign CS6 that included the hyperlinks. I have been able to do this successfully, exporting to PDF. but ultimately need my document to be in JPEG format and click through links

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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Unfortunately, that is impossible, at least the way you described it. A JPEG is just a picture. A PDF is a container format that can contain pictures, text, hyperlinks, et cetera.


          Maybe if you told us what you were trying to do we could help you figure out a way to do it.

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            BettyandVeronica Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback I am creating a document that needs to be a jpeg

            placed in an email i.e.: not attached but rather placed where the email text

            would be. The reader needs to click through from the jpeg to respond via

            email as well as click through to a website from the two hyperlinks. It

            would be perfect if I could place the PDF into the email as text instead of

            the JPEG, but I can't seem to do this either. Ultimately the best way I can

            describe the end product is like an email newsletter that we all subscribe

            to that has hyperlinks embedded.


            Should I be using another programme to achieve this?

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I think you want to be using Photoshop and the Slice tool. Do a Google search of "Photoshop slice tool"

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                John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Steve's correct in that if your objective is a single image with multiple hyperlinks, you'll need to slice it up in Photoshop to achieve it. But, based on your posts, I suspect you're a bit in over your head with this.


                Even if you successfully create a slice-based image map per Steve's advice, the output will be the image plus HTML...not just a jpeg. The type of email "newsletter" communication you describe, and those you've seen/received consist of HTML-based layouts deployed and link-tracked via specialized services. If you're attempting to deploy one using only embedded images and an email client, I expect you'll encounter one roadblock after another.

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                  Vikrant Rai Adobe Employee

                  Another, and possibly easier way to do it could be use an HTML imagemap. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_map.asp

                  The output still remains HTML + JPEG though.

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                    Eavisgrebe Level 1


                    Or you could simply pop the JPEG into your email client (ie Outlook) and hyperlink it from there, but it would be the whole image and only one hyperlink, which may not be sufficient?

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                      eddiew22953154 Level 1

                      The best way I have found would not be with Adobe InDesign, but with Microsoft Word and Photoshop.


                      Slice up your image as Steve suggested... slice for the main portion of your image and then an additional slice for each region you need to add a hyperlink to.

                      Make your slices all the way across your image from left to right from top to bottom to keep the regions for hyperlinks simple... preferably slice the areas of the image that contain the type for the email address, web address, any other type you want to associate with a hyperlink.


                      In Word, create a table with the same amount of slices... 1 column and X amount of rows for each of your slices... remove the line for stroke color and width of the table strokes to None... 0 cell padding.


                      Insert each slice into each of the table rows... Word is pretty good at inserting your images at the absolute size to fit automatically, and each image should come together to make your whole original image.


                      Then select each table region needed for the hyperlink and ad the hyperlink in Word. Save your Word document.


                      Then, select the whole table and past it into your email text area.


                      With luck your hyperlinks will also paste into the email. At minimum, the table with images should paste in and look like one whole image. If for some reason the hyperlinks do not also paste into your email,  you can respecify each region for the hyperlinks as you did in Word, but using the email program.


                      Hope this helps.

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                        BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        None of this has anything to do with InDesign so I'm locking it.