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    Does BC support any type of include?


      We currently have/use 4 templates, but that is about to grow. We also have several catalogs, but that too will grow.


      All of these templates use the exact same header (menu) and footer.


      Every time I need to make a change to the header/menu/footer, I must make it in all 4 templates, and their stylesheets.


      Now we want to have a different template for each catalog in our store.


      I know I can make and assign different templates, one for each catalog, but that presents another issue. Since I currently have 4 templates, and each has it's own stylesheet, when I make a change to the header or footer, which is the same on all 4 templates, I must make that change in all 4 templates and all 4 stylesheets. That's a lot of work. If I have multiple templates for multiple catalogs, that work doubles for each new template.


      So if I have 20 catalogs and 20 templates, and need to change the menu in the header, then I have to make those changes in 40 places, 20 templates and 20 style sheets.


      Is there any way in BC to use something similar to PHP Includes? Or what about using Dreamweaver Library Objects? Is that possible or compatible?


      Thank you in advance.