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    metadataThatTriggersRepublish broken?

    jimkeir Level 1

      Hi all,


      I've been trying to make sense of this and not getting very far. It seems pretty straightforward but nothing I'm doing will make photos get marked for republish correctly.


      function ADummyService.metadataThatTriggersRepublish( publishSettings )

                return {

                          default = false,

                          label = true,

                          rating = true,

                          dateCreated = true,

                          pickStatus = true,




      I know "pickStatus" isn't documented and I have tried without that there. The problem is that I can't get the "label" or "rating" values to be picked up. Changing something else like the orientation, caption or title gets the photo republished fine, but changes to the label, rating or pickStatus are all ignored. I also tried simply returning "default = true" without the others, same result.


      Lightroom 4.2, Windows.


      Any ideas?