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    Canon 7D footage, EXIF/metadata

    jvknowles Level 1

      Doing a test project in PP6 (currently a FCP7 user) and want to make sure there are no special tricks to importing Canon DSLR footage, other than just importing the H.264 files. I'm used to keeping the entire DCIM folder structure in FCP for transcoding to ProRes, want to make sure I don't need the other files on the card (amd yes, I am backing them all up!)


      Also, is there any way to bring in the EXIF data (metadata) along with the clips? I assume this would involve the .THM files on the card; is there a different import method for merging that info with the clips? Would Prelude or Bridge help here?




      John K.


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          Jason R. Coleman Level 1

          I use the EOS utility to pull my 7D footage over to my machine, then just import the video files into my project. I don't have a super duper video card and they play back fine for the most part. Just remember the trick to drag one of your DSLR clips to the new sequence button to create your sequence and it'll create the sequence needed for that file type. Happy Editing:)

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            jvknowles Level 1

            Just FYI to anyone else who comes to this thread:


            If you drag in DSLR clips directly from the card WITHOUT converting/transcoding they will NOT have timecode. At least that's my experience with the Canon 7D H.264 files. The timecode is contained in the .THM files and if you don't convert using those then each clip's timecode will start at 0.


            It may not matter to you if you're doing a quick edit in PPro, but if you export out to other programs like FCP 7 and switch to transcoded versions (ProRes) the clips will not replace properly because the timecode will be completely off. The solution is to always transcode ahead of time with your utility of choice.