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    one file swf


      Is anyone know how can i connect all file ine one in captivate 3 ?
      I create one project with is consist of diferent parts - demonstrations, symulation quize when I use publish option i get couple different files swf .

      thx for Your help
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          CatBandit Level 3
          The only way to output (publish) a single SWF file is to de-select the "Include HTML" option on the Publish dialog. But I would not do it if I were you. The parameters for sizing the SWF for proper, non-distorted display are included in the HTM file. And the JS file contains code the helps the Captivate movie with the security issues of the browser. And finally, the SWF will not display at all, on its own, unless the PC of the end user is equipped with the full Flash Player, and not many have that software aboard.

          To sum it up, currently it requires all 3 files, located in the same folder, for proper display of the Captivate movie.